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2005 Actions

:: December 7th, 2005 - Vigil for the release of humanitarian aid workers.
posted on:     December 6, 2005    10:09 pm ET

Indoor Vigil 5:30pm Wednesday, Dec. 7, St. Mark's Methodist Church

A Vigil for the release of humanitarian aid workers held hostage in Iraq, whose captors say they will be killed Thursday, December 8.  WE WILL ALSO HOLD COMMEMORATE ALL PEOPLE WHOSE LIVES ARE AT RISK IN IRAQ TODAY.

Indoor vigil will be at 5:30 PM St. Mark's Methodist Church, 900 Washington St. E. - Corner of Washington and Dickinson in Charleston, WV across from the post office. Parking is behind the church off Dickinson St. The meeting will be upstairs in room 209, signs at the church will clearly mark the location.

This event is sponsored by the Patriots for Peace and the Charleston Friends Meeting (Quakers).

West Virginia Patriots for Peace
For more information, email patriots.news@verizon.net, or call 304.988.1717

:: October 27th, 2005 - WHY2K? 2000 US soldiers killed in Iraq.
posted on:     October 25, 2005    8:30 pm ET

Sadly, the 2000th fatality of American forces was announced today, October 25, 2005.


Think of the families, as uniformed soldiers get out of their car and walk towards the house to tell them that their son, daughter, husband, wife, father or mother are dead in Iraq. And as Sen. Byrd said, "For what?"

QRF: Quick Reaction Force - a political unit of people who act - or react - quickly to events in order to bring pressure to change policy. We need you to be part of our QRF. Do 2 THINGS to HELP END THIS WAR, and to BRING OUR SOLDIERS HOME---NOW!

1) Thursday October 27th - Observance VIGIL noon - 1 pm, rain or shine at Charleston office of Congresswoman Shelley Capito, 4815 MacCorkle Avenue, Kanawha City - corner 49th Street and MacCorkle Avenue SE. We have over 70 commitments already, and would like more. We'll have the Wall of Remembrance.

COME OUT TO HONOR AND BEAR WITNESS TO THE LOSS OF OUR SOLDIERS AND TO CALL FOR A CHANGE IN U. S. POLICY. We--and our soldiers--need you for ONE DAY, for ONE HOUR. We're expecting a large crowd, and press.

Folks in Martinsburg are also having a vigil at her office. Let's let her know we've had enough.

PLEASE NOTE: MoveOn's vigils are WED. evening, 6:30 p.m. Even if their website refers to that time for us, it is incorrect; OUR VIGIL IS THURSDAY, PER ABOVE.

2) "Call Shelley" Day: The SAME day, we ask that you call her office:
Charleston: 304-925-5964
Martinsburg: 304-264-8810
Washington: 202-225-2711
If possible, call BETWEEN 11:30 am & 1:30 pm. Let the person answering know the following: "I want Ms Capito to DO SOMETHING about bringing our troops home NOW." [She does NOT have e-mail. Anyway, CALL, don't write.]

Please come and help end this war. We need you in our QRF.

P.S. We will not hold our regular Friday vigil this week.

WHY2K 2000 fatalities bumper stickersPrintable "WHY2K?" posters and bumper stickers available FREE at:


West Virginia Patriots for Peace
For more information, email patriots.news@verizon.net, or call 304.988.1717

:: September 24th through 26th, 2005 - Four actions in DC:
posted on:     September 28, 2005    3:30 pm ET

West Virginia Patriots For Peace [see PHOTOS!!]:
1) set up the Wall of Remembrance a respectful distance from the Viet Nam Memorial. The impact was powerful, and intense interest was shown.
2) We then moved the Wall and displayed it briefly at Camp Casey.
3) We carried it in the March and marched as a West Virginia unit; and
4) on Monday, we visited all of the WV Congressional delegations with a group of 10.

Norm Steenstra of WV CAG counted about 500 West Virginians in our immediate group (IOW, not counting those who got lost). We had at least 35 counties represented, literally from Bluefield to Wheeling, and Huntington to Shepherdstown.

West Virginia Patriots for Peace
For more information, email patriots.news@verizon.net, or call 304.988.1717

:: September 24th, 2005 - United for Peace and Justice March on Washington
posted on:     September 5, 2005    2:56 am ET

West Virginia Patriots for Peace, in coordination with the West Virginia United for Peace and Justice Coalition, is organizing with groups across the state to send a large WV delegation to the September 24th United for Peace and Justice March on Washington, DC. The rally will begin @ 11:00 on Saturday, September 24 at the Washington Monument.

--> Our WV delegation will meet and display our Wall of Remembrance at the eastern end of the Vietnam Memorial at 10:00 a.m. We plan to attend the rally and march as a group to show our solidarity against the war.
Proposed Essentials For the DC March
*** NEW - NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE!!! WV Patriots For Peace t-shirts!!! Order yours TODAY!!
FREE!! downloadable poster "Make Levees Not War" - 7.5" x 11" or 12" x 18"
printable map of DC meeting place
printable information flyer - Charleston
printable information flyer - WV statewide
United For Peace - Housing

--> The national rally will begin @ 11:00 a.m. at or around the Washington Monument.

--> For those who can stay in Washington a bit longer, there are also several activities planned for Sunday the 25th, including:
:: an Interfaith Service and Grassroots training session sponsored by United for Peace and Justice.
:: the DC Green Festival (greenfestivals.org) will be taking place at the DC Convention Center.

--> On Monday, September 26th, a mass-lobbying day has been organized, and interested West Virginians can join us in lobbying our representatives to end the war in Iraq. We're going to WV Congressional offices on Monday to lobby for an exit strategy and target date to begin US troop withdrawal. We need NAMES of anyone who wants to be in on this, so we can advise of a schedule. We already have appointments with some of the 5 offices we need to visit.

With the President's approval rating at a historic low, now is the time for us to show our numbers in Washington where he can't ignore us. We hope that you'll join us in our fight to end the war in Iraq.

or call 304.988.1717 for more information.

march on washington - end the war on iraq

In Charleston:

For general information, contact Richard Martin at patriots.news@verizon.net. For rideshare in Charleston, contact John Doyle at jwildo@juno.com or 304-345-6096.

For information on housing in the DC area, contact Bob Wilson singingplow@igc.org.

Other local contacts around the state:

Harrison County - Jerry McKeen jermckeen@aol.com
Hinton - Vickey Bell vickeybell@citynet.net
Huntington - Maura Conway conway1@marshall.edu
Lewisburg/Beckley - Richard Dulee rdulee@verizon.net or 304.445.7667
Morgantown - Chris Chapman dean_voter@yahoo.com or 304-692-4519
Parkersburg - Rhonda McNamara rhondamcnamara12@peoplepc.com
Princeton - Steve Paesani spaesani@charter.net or 304.425.3742
Roane/Calhoun Counties - Chuck Wyrostock wyro@appalight.com or 304.927.2978
Shepherdstown - Margaret Bryant-Gainer maggie@wvpeace.org or 304.876.1176

West Virginia Patriots for Peace
For more information, email patriots.news@verizon.net, or call 304.988.1717

:: August 17, 2005 - WV Patriots for Peace/MoveOn Vigil for Cindy
posted on:     August 17, 2005    1:00 pm ET

Cindy Sheehan, mother of Army Specialist Casey Sheehan who was killed in Iraq, continues her vigil outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. She was joined Thursday by several more moms, each of whom lost a child in Iraq, and other military families. The closest she got to the president was when his motorcade of giant black SUVs raced past her on the way to a $2 million Republican fundraiser.

We, in the Charleston community, will honor Cindy's request for us to start candlelight vigils in our home communities to remind people of the terrible price of war. We have teamed up with MoveOn and True Majority in their efforts to organize nationwide "Vigils for Cindy Sheehan" (and for all military families and gold star families). The vigils are an easy way that we can come together to show support for Cindy and speak out against the war. Over 1,400 vigils have been organized so far.

We will gather at 8:00 P.M. on Wednesday, August 17 at the Charleston library. Bringle candles. Our vigil will be simple and dignified. Together, we'll acknowledge the sacrifices made by Cindy Sheehan, her son, Casey and the more than 1,800 brave American men and women who have given their lives in Iraq and their moms and families, not to mention the SCORES of wounded! Photographers & press welcomed.

Friends: We're getting a lot of calls about this. Carrie Swing will play a flute solo, composed by a WV woman. A mother in Military Families Speak Out will speak, and we'll have a couple other women's organizations represented. The speaking will be short. Hope to see you there.

Kanawha County Library, 123 Capitol Street in Charleston
Wednesday, August 17th, 2005 at 8:00 p.m.
Sponsored by West Virginia Patriots for Peace ♦
For more information, contact: Robin Godfrey rlgdfry@yahoo.com

The MoveOn family of organizations consists of two entities. MoveOn.org Civic Action, a 501(c)(4) organization, primarily focuses on education and advocacy on important national issues. And MoveOn.org Political Action, a federal political committee, primarily helps members elect candidates who reflect our values.

West Virginia Patriots for Peace is an organization dedicated to mobilizing West Virginians to reclaim and defend American values of peace, justice and democracy at home and abroad.

:: July 19, 2005 - The Theory and Practice of Strategic Nonviolence
posted on:     July 07, 2005    3:05 pm ET

Featuring Col. Robert Helvey, US Army, ret.
President, Albert Einstein Institution

Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
7:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Hosted by The Unitarian Universalist Congregation
520 Kanawha Boulevard West, Charleston, WV

Robert Helvey consults with groups in conflicts around the world about the strategic potential of nonviolent action. He holds a BA and MA from Marshall University, is a graduate of the US Army Command and General Staff College, as well as the US Navy War College, and was a Senior Fellow at Harvard University's Center for International Affairs.

Sponsored by West Virginia Patriots for Peace ♦
For more information, email patriots.news@verizon.net, or call 304.988.1717

:: Support 'Homeward Bound' Resolution (HJR-55)!!
posted on:     July 01, 2005    9:08 am ET

There is a bipartisan resolution in the House which calls for troop withdrawal to begin no later than October 1, 2006. Call our Representatives TODAY and tell them to support HJR-55, as it finally articulates the desperate need for an exit strategy out of Iraq. And it is BIPARTISAN!! Even Rep. Walter "Freedom Fries" Jones, a stauch supporter of the Iraq invasion is a co-sponsor! Let's hold our Representatives feet to the fire on this one.

Rep. Alan B. Mollohan 202-225-4172
Rep. Shelley Moore Capito 202-225-2711
Rep. Nick Joe Rahall, II 202-225-3452

:: June 4, 2005 - Seminar on Military Service and Our Youth: Rights and Risks - A Training for Counselors on Military Recruitment
posted on:     May 02, 2005    1:43 pm ET

West Virginia Patriots for Peace, in collaboration with the Center on Conscience and War, proudly sponsors a seminar for youth and career counselors, clergy, and anyone interested in a training about what's truth and what's not in military recruiting, and how to help youth make informed decisions about their futures.

*** APPROVED *** for Licensed Professional Counselors and Social Workers CEUs.
  • SEMINAR OUTLINE - workshop agenda for the day; printable pdf [36K].
  • REGISTRATION - spaces available on a first come, first serve basis...download, fill in and mail this registration form to us; printable pdf [28K].
  • PRINTABLE FLIERS with details regarding both events - we invite you to download and post them in your church, workplace, school, etc. [48K]

WHEN: Saturday, June 4th, 9:30 am - 4:30 pm

WHERE: St. John's Episcopal Church (corner of Leon Sullivan Way and Quarrier St) Charleston, WV

HOW: If you are interested in registering to attend, please contact Lida at (304)988-1717, or patriots.news@verizon.net.

---> June 3rd and 4th events cosponsored by:
American Friends Service Committee
Military Families Speak Out
National Lawyers Guild: WV Chapter
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition
Pax Christi
Veterans For Peace
West Virginia Citizen Action Group
West Virginia Interfaith Center on Public Policy

:: June 3, 2005 - An Evening with the Center on Conscience and War - A Public Forum
posted on:     May 02, 2005    12:18 pm ET

West Virginia Patriots for Peace hosts Bill Galvin from the Center on Conscience and War on Friday evening, June 3rd, at 7:00pm-8:30pm to discuss the militarism of our schools, GI Rights, and the real possibility of a draft. It will be held in the auditorium of St. John's Episcopal Church in Charleston, WV--on the corner of Leon Sullivan Way and Quarrier Street. This event serves as an overview of what will be discussed in depth in a seminar on Saturday, the next day.


Please join us! Find out more about the Center on Conscience and War at
Questions, please call Lida at (304) 988-1717 or email patriots.news@verizon.net

:: May 25, 2005 - Howard Dean in Charleston
posted on:     May 23, 2005    1:15 am ET

WEDNESDAY May 25th Howard Dean is going to be at the Democratic Headquarters (corner of Kanawha Blvd and Greenbrier Street) on Wednesday at 11:00am for a picnic. He will be speaking at 11:30am.

Dean has been a strong voice against the war. Let us have a presence there to:

1) Thank him for his courage to voice opposition;

2) Empower him to CONTINUE denouncing this war and to tirelessly pursue a timetable for withdrawal;

3) and finally to have fun!

We need numbers to make any of this happen. If ten people are there specifically addressing the war, this shows Dean that we the people of West Virginia support his dissent and are OUTRAGED about this war.

"If the people lead, the leaders will follow."

:: May 20, 2005 - Books Not Bombs
posted on:     May 19, 2005    2:21 pm ET

FRIDAY May 20th vigil - "Books Not Bombs" will be held at the Kanawha County Public Library, on the corner of Quarrier and Capital, from noon-1pm. May 20th is "Army Values Stand Down Day" --- the Army will suspend recruitment for one day amid a flurry of scandals proving how often military recruiters systematically use unethical methods to mislead young people into enlisting to fight in an unethical war.

OUR VALUES DON'T TAKE A DAY OFF!! Friday is a day for us to stand UP against the militarization of our schools and "opt OUT" from the Army's freedom to prey on our youth. While the Army's values take a day-off, our values of peace NEVER do! Join West Virginia Patriots for Peace in our call for the demilitarization of our schools!

:: Changing the Media
posted on:     April 12, 2005    5:07 pm ET

We are organizing call-ins to "Steam Release" on Talk Radio 580 which happens every Friday, 11:30am-12:00pm (1-800-765-8255). Talk Radio 58 has thousands of listeners statewide and we must use this free airtime to put the war back in people's consciousness. Speak up for peace!

Also we are organizing letters to the editors with a goal of three peace related letters in both the Mail and the Gazette every week. Perhaps weeklies as well. Join up, put your anger and hope into action.

Interested in getting involved, call Lida at (304)988-1717 or email patriots.news@verizon.net

:: March 21, 2005 - University of Charleston forum - Iraq: How Long Should We Stay?
posted on:     March 08, 2005    11:15 am ET

In recognition of the second anniversary of the war in Iraq, President Ed Welch will moderate a debate between former gubernatorial candidate, Monty Warner, and Dr. David E. Mills, Marshall University professor of Modern Middle East History, regarding the continuing presence of the United States in Iraq.

This is the seminal question facing U.S. policy in Iraq---when do they come home? U of Chas has been farsighted in offering this forum the day after the 2d anniversary of the War, with two knowledgable speakers. This is a Patriots initiative; LET'S TURN OUT to give Dr. Welch and UC support for providing public discussion and debate on this subject.

The event is on Monday, March 21st, from 6:30-8pm in the Appalachian Room, second floor, Geary Student Union, University of Charleston. Admission is Free and Open to the public.

:: March 19, 2005 - Observance of the Second Anniversary of the War in Iraq
posted on:     March 08, 2005    10:58 am ET

West Virginia Patriots for Peace urge all citizens to join the call: "End the War, Bring Our Troops Home, Rebuild Our Communities."

On Saturday, March 19th, in observance of the second anniversary of the War in Iraq, our voices will join those all over the world in the call to end this war and start investing in our children. Together we will mourn the over 1,500 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi lives that have been lost and pledge that never again will we allow such misuse of our troops and abuse of another people. Death and destruction is not what freedom looks like.

"The great initiative in this war is ours. The initiative to stop it must be ours." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Join our solemn and hopeful gathering as we raise our voices through music, poetry, and speakers, including former gubernatorial candidate and famous author, Denise Giardina. To remember the dead, we will have the Wall of Remembrance. To imagine peace, we will have art. Kids are welcomed and encouraged to come and participate in envisioning peace through art. Seeds for Peace will be given out in hopes for peaceful tomorrows. Information will be available about conscientious objecting and how you can help stop this war and prevent future wars. Together we can do so much, now is the time to stand up.

"Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living." - Mother Jones

The event is on Saturday, March 19th, 12pm-2pm, Davis Park (Summers St. near Washington), Charleston. Parking is WITHIN A BLOCK OR LESS of the gazebo (there are meters and a few parking lots nearby).

Featured speaker DENISE GIARDINA; Rev. ILENE DUMIRE of Asbury U.M. Church, who is a military mom; shirts by CHARLEY HAMILTON; Music by BLACK-EYED SUSAN, and more!

Questions, please contact:
Lida Shepherd
(304) 988-1717

:: Call or write to the Gazette TODAY!
posted on:     February 24, 2005     12:10 am ET

The Iraq War casualties and wounded count has been moved off the front page of the Gazette as we are about to cross the 2-year mark. Two years too many! Please call or write the Gazette expressing your concern that we mustn't forget the human costs of this war.
Email: gazette@wvgazette.com (200 words or less!)
Fax: (304) 348-1233
Call: (304) 348-5100
---> THANK YOU to all who called, and to the Gazette for recogizing the importance of keeping this information front and center! The Gazette has restored its display of war casualties to the front page, as of March 10, 2005.

:: March 1, 2005 - Seymour Hersh visits Charleston
posted on:     February 23, 2005     11:54 pm ET

Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist, Seymour Hersh, will discuss "The Road From 9/11 to Abu Ghraib" at the Charleston Civic Center Little Theatre on Tuesday, March 1st, at 7:30 pm. Admission is free. The event is sponsored by The Charleston Gazette and West Virginia University. Please attend!

:: January 20, 2005 - WV Patriots For Peace Inauguration Day Vigil Protest
posted on:     January 20, 2005     12:11 am ET

A crowd of 52 people gathered at the Robert C. Byrd US Courthouse for a noon vigil today, to express their concern over the war in Iraq, the lack of any expressed exit strategy, and the failure to provide even a target date to begin withdrawal of American forces. Patriots were also indignant over the party-hearty behavior of this President when the nation is at war, and the expenditures on the event, money sufficient to provide over 200 uparmored Humvees.

Speakers included Prof. Joe Wyatt, whose son has served 2 tours in Iraq with the Marines, Linda Mallet on behalf of WV Citizen Action Group, Margaret Chapman for WV-Free, and Rev. Jim Lewis. Mary Ellen O'Farrell gave the invocation, and Ron Sowell lead the crowd in music. (Many thanks to Sandy Sowell for the sound system, and to Greg Carroll for the set-up).

:: January 20, 2005 - Inauguration Day Multi-Group Vigil
posted on:     January 12, 2005     8:30 pm ET

Patriots and members of Sierra Club, NARAL, WV Free and ACLU will meet at noon on Inauguration Day, Thursday, January 20, in front of the Robert C. Byrd US Courthouse at 300 Virginia Street, for a one-hour vigil. [This will supplant Friday's vigil at Town Center.]

Thursday, January 20th noon-1pm

Robert C. Byrd US Courthouse, 300 Virginia Street, Charleston

:: January 20, 2005 - Anti-war/Anti-administration Inauguration activities
posted on:     January 12, 2005     8:29 pm ET

Bill Scraggs, a Parkersburg member of Veterans for Kerry, is arranging for buses to transport people to Washington to protest. WV Patriots for Peace is lending its "Wall of Remembrance" [now 128 unfortunate feet long] to display at that event.

Bill remains active with Veterans and democrats protesting the war and has done us great service in presenting our Wall of Remembrance at various public venues in WV and OH. He and the Wood County Young Democrats are going to DC for the January 20 Inauguration protest, in connection with InternationalAnswer.org.

We understand there are already 3 or 4 "15-passenger vans" going from that area and more folks are urged to get on board. The cost is $25 round trip per person (transportation only). They will get as many vans as they can fill.

The caravan will leave Parkersburg after midnight (1am or so) on Jan 20 and return to Parkersburg after midnight on Jan 21. Call Bill for details and reservations.

Phone #304-295-9081

:: January 20, 2005 - WV Patriots Sponsor "Not One Damn Dime!"
posted on:     January 12, 2005     8:28 pm ET

Boycott Bush's inauguration by not spending any money on inauguration day. This is the national campaign urging people not to spend any money on the day of Bush's inauguration.

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2004 Actions

:: Groups Gather to Protest Impacts of Bush Administration Policies in WV, July 4

WV Patriots for Peace will gather with other concerned organizations will rally today to highlight the negative impacts of the Bush Administration's Iraq War policy to West Virginians.

Sunday, July 4 at 3:00 pm
Robert C. Byrd Federal Building, 300 Virginia Street, East, Charleston

:: Boots on the Ground: The Human Cost of War in Iraq
Groups Bring Display Military Boots to Commemorate Lives Lost, July 6-7

WV Patriots for Peace, the Church of the Brethren, and the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) will sponsor a solemn memorial installation commemorating the American lives lost in Iraq so far. Over 800 pairs of military boots will be lined up outside the Charleston Civic Center to represent US combat deaths.

Tuesday, July 6 at 12pm to Wednesday, July 7 at 1pm
Ceremony and Speakers at 5pm Tuesday, July 6
Charleston Civic Center. Corner of Clendenin and Lee Streets (across from the Marriott)

:: Bush Protest in Parkersburg, Thursday, May 13

President Bush is speaking about his educational initiatives and No Child Left Behind on Thursday at 1:10pm at Parkersburg South High School in Parkersburg, WV.

The West Virginia State Democratic Party, the AFLCIO, The Mid-Ohio Valley Peace Initiative, and members of West Virginia Patriots for Peace will be demonstrating during his visit.

Congregate at Southwood Park no later than 10:00 am (to avoid traffic and parking problems).
The rally will begin at 12:00 followed by a short march to the roadside (across the street from Parkersburg South High School) The demonstration will continue until the motorcade leaves.

Come and bring your signs!

Further questions can be directed to the State Democratic Office (304-342-8121) or Zach Drennen at zdrennen@post.harvard.edu

:: Patriots protest cancellation of Nightline broadcast, April 30

Friday, April 30, 60 protesters gathered outside WCHS-TV in Charleston to display a banner listing the names of the US war dead to protest the stationís decision not to air a special edition of ėNightlineî focussing on the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq.

:: Patriots elect new board members, April 28

April 28th members of West Virginia Patriots for Peace elected a new Board.

:: Bush Must Go Rally in Huntington, April 2

President Bush is speaking in Huntington Friday April 2 at 11:30 a.m. at the Edwards Performing Arts Building at Marshall University

A counter rally will be held at Harris Riverfront Park, Veterans Memorial Blvd & 10th St., Huntington at 10 a.m.

Patriots will be carpooling/caravaning from Charleston.
Meet under I-64 on the West Side, at corner Randolph St. and Pennsylvania Ave. -- by 8 A.M.

Questions: Jim Lewis: 345-0427; Robin Godfrey: 552-2567

:: Patriots Board meets with Senator Rockefeller, January 14

Wednesday, January 14th, the Patriots board met with Senator Jay Rockefeller at Covenant House. The Senator had graciously accepted an invitation to exchange views concerning the war and related issues. Discussion lasted close to two hours.

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2003 Actions

:: December 2003 Gatherings

WVPFP extended an invitation for the public to stand together in honor of the men and women who have died in the war with Iraq, those who have been wounded, and those away from home and still on duty in Iraq.

A "Wall of Remembrance" containing the names of all Americans who have died in the war with Iraq was displayed and served as the focal point for each gathering.

Four noon-time gatherings:

  • Monday, December 8, Byrd Federal Court House, 300 Virginia St., East
  • Thursday, December 11, "Chili's" side of the Charleston Town Center
  • Monday, December 15, Byrd Federal Court House, 300 Virginia St., East
  • Thursday, December 18, Public Library on Capitol St. at Quarrier

One evening gathering:

  • Tuesday, December 23, 5:00-7:00 pm, Candlelight vigil at the Byrd Federal Court House

:: Vigil at Laura Bush appearance at Republican Fund raiser, November 6

November 6th about twenty members of Patriots for Peace picketed outside the Marriott during a $1000 a plate fund raiser for the Bush-Cheney ticket. They displayed the Wall of Remembrance, a 36 foot listing of all of the U.S. military who have died in Iraq since the beginning of the war.

:: Rally at the Capitol Saturday, October 25th

West Virginia Patriots for Peace sponsored a rally Saturday, October 25 at the Veterans Memorial on the West Virginia State Capitol. 150 turned out to carry three messages to the Bush Administration and members of Congress:

  • A war based on lies equals violence and chaos. Stop lying to us.
  • This war in Iraq is making a profit for some American corporations while our troops, the Iraqi people, and U.S. citizens are paying the price and footing the bill.
  • Bring the troops home!

:: Patriots Announce Grant

Patriots for Peace has just received a grant for ėReducing the Influence of Military Recruiters in Rural West Virginia High Schoolsî from the Appalachian Community Fund. This grant is designed to fund two pilot programs in rural communities within the state. Details of the program will be posted as they become available.

:: Patriots Welcome Vice-President Cheney to Charleston, September 15

Monday, September 15th, over a hundred people turned out to picket Vice-President Cheney as he spoke to a Republican fund raiser. Four members of the Board met earlier in the morning with Representative Shelley Moore Capito who agreed to deliver a letter on our behalf to the Vice-President.

The letter expressed 1) our outrage that the war with Iraq was based on lies, 2) our concern that powerful American companies, including Halliburton, have profited by this war at the cost of human life and billion of dollars, and 3) a demand to know the truth now, not lies: When will the troops come home? While the donors inside dined, the protesters shared MRE's (Meals Ready to Eat).

Senator Robert C. Byrd's Speech of May 21, 2003

:: State Wide Organizing Meeting, April 29

Tuesday, April 29, 2003 West Virginia Patriots for Peace sponsored a state-wide meeting of forty representatives from peace and justice groups within and bordering West Virginia. The groups agreed to form an informal communications network and initiated discussion of state-wide activities. Additional information will be posted on this site shortly.

:: Community Meetings, April 26

On Saturday, April 26, West Virginia Patriots for Peace sponsored the third in its series of Town Meetings at St. John's Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston. Groups continue to focus on youth activities, political activity, communications activities and humanitarian activities addressing the consequences of the war. In lieu of the next community meeting, participants are urged to attend the May 29th Fostering Constructive Conversations Training.

:: 1000 Signatures Delivered to Senator Byrd, March 6

Thursday, March 6, over fifty members of Patriots for Peace met on the steps of the Robert C. Byrd Federal Courthouse to present the Senator's office with over a thousand signatures in support of the Senator's statement on the Senate floor of February 12, 2002.

:: Oprah! February 6

Thursday, February 6 West Virginia Patriots for Peace was mentioned in a Oprah Winfrey show on anti-war movements. For more information on the show and other Patriots organizations around the country, see Patriots for Peace in Vermont.

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Boots on the Ground

Photo: Kenny Kemp

Senator Rockefeller meeting with Patriots' Board

October 25th Rally at Capitol

Cheney Protest September 15, 2003

Candlelight Ceremony at Robert C. Byrd Federal Court House

Vigil at Robert C. Byrd Federal Court House

Vigil at West Virginia Veterans Memorial, January 2003

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