Proposed Essentials for Attending the DC March September 24th, 2005

Here's a suggested list of what to bring to the DC March:

The weather report says "A FEW SHOWERS". BRING PONCHO AND/OR UMBRELLA. I would avoid flipflops.

WATER (plenty)
food (possibly can't buy it anywhere close)
money (in case you CAN buy a hotdog or tofudog)
sunscreen (just because it's cloudy when you get up doesn't mean you won't burn); longsleeve shirt
bandanna (RED: Chuck Wyrostok reminds me that this was the identifying item worn by miners at Blair Mountain, and as Julian Martin notes, probably the origin of the expression Redneck. BRING IT & WEAR IT!)
coins for phone
medication (legal)
portable seat (this could be a LONG march)
cell phone (NOTE: These may not work in DC, some say)
WV PATRIOTS FOR PEACE T-SHIRTS - color bright goldenrod!! Or some other type of WV identifying item such as ballcap, burned couch (if you're from WVU)
cell phone list for your local coordinators
handouts you want to hand out
signup sheets
Big ol' flag on big ol' pole (WV, WVU, Marshall, Concord etc)
map of DC
camera and film


In Charleston:

For general information, contact Richard Martin at For rideshare in Charleston, contact John Doyle

For information on housing in the DC area, contact Bob Wilson

Other local contacts around the state:

Harrison County - Jerry McKeen
Hinton - Vickey Bell
Huntington - Maura Conway
Lewisburg/Beckley - Richard Dulee or 304.445.7667
Morgantown - Chris Chapman or 304-692-4519
Parkersburg - Rhonda McNamara
Princeton - Steve Paesani or 304.425.3742
Roane/Calhoun Counties - Chuck Wyrostock or 304.927.2978
Shepherdstown - Margaret Bryant-Gainer or 304.876.1176

West Virginia Patriots for Peace
For more information, email, or call 304.988.1717